Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rainbow Sherbet

Well, this isn't the frozen treat, but my last handspun yarn made during the Tour De Fleece.
As the finale Lil' D, Charity(the sheep), and JoJo wanted to present it to you in grand fashion. They insisted since it was summer I should have the lighthouses present. The lighthouse on the left is out on the southern most eastern tip of Long Island. It is called the Montauk Point Lighthouse.
The one on the right, is on Fire Island. Fire Island is a long thin island off the southern shore of Long Island. It is actually in the Atlantic and is where I spent many, many hours at the beach when I was younger.

Here is another view of Rainbow Sherbet. I have 296 yards of a sport yarn. It is 14 wraps per inch and 3 ounces. After spinning the yarn, I plied it on itself.

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