Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hummingbird, Yarn, and a Smart Car

As a gift this year, one of our daughters gave me this absolutely beautiful blue, Hummingbird feeder. I haven't ever had one before and I didn't know if this lone feeder, in the woods of Texas would attract a hummingbird, but I was willing to try. And since the feeder was so pretty who wouldn't want it hanging up outside?

The UPS Store guy quickly hung it up and then I finally filled it, and within several hours I saw a hummingbird at it! It is truly amazing. I can see this fabulous feeder right outside my kitchen window and when I am washing dishes or cooking I look and see hummingbirds now.

So, yesterday, I went outside and sat in the 100 F heat to take pictures. Thankfully, it is in the shade. I sat very still and here came a hummingbird. The first picture is the approach, while they check out the surroundings.

They generally do a "fly by" and come back in, after it looks safe. Amazing little creatures.
Here is one drinking. If you look closely you can see the shadow of their wings, as they flutter back and forth so quickly.

I noticed that there is a dead branch that they will sit on, while they scope out the surroundings, too.

Oh, and my wind-chime. Here is an idea for you. Not my original idea, but Rebekah's. We went to Canton, the flea market, and found these old army spoons, with holes in the tips of the handles and found some metal strainers. Using fishing line, we tied it all together in the shape of a windchime and it works! It is a great piece to have hanging outside on the porch.

Part of my Tour De Fleece yarn is this fabulous red yarn. I had carded the batts and made the roving previously on this blog. Well, it is finally finished. I added the mohair curls for texture and some white angelina fiber for sparkle. Then I plied it with red thread, to add more texture. In the skein pictured, there are 116 yards of a very soft bulky art yarn.

Another view.

Last but not least. This little Smart Car was seen in Rome, Italy. Cute, isn't it? With crocheted granny squares all over it. Wonder what my Chevy Blazer would look like wearing a sweater or even the UPS Store guy's Pontiac. Hmmm. Could have some fun with that one. LOL!


  1. I miss having hummingbirds. You may convince me to get another feeder. LOVE the fluffy red yarn. Can I have a car like that?

  2. The hummingbird pictures are fantastic...amazing that you could get those shots.....

    Love the yarn..what are you going to make?

    That car is so cute....maybe we should cover one in fleece..or knit a idea...

  3. I was able to use the zoom on my camera to get the picture of the hummingbird. I sat in a porch chair about 15 feet away.

    I am thinking that I will sell the yarn.

  4. Awesome hummer photos, Joanne! You and Terri B. have great animal pictures this year! And the yarn is yummy! Great summer you're having, aren't you??

  5. After seeing that car, the "Knitters Anonymous" idea has been resurrected in my mind, only its name would be changed to "Knitters, Crocheters, Spinners, Hookers, and Weavers Anonymous" to cover all yarn-related hobbies. I'll bet they don't have a fancy little knitted or crocheted cover on their shortshifter, though!