Sunday, December 5, 2010

Knitting and New York

I have been having fun knitting in somewhat of a free-form style. I guess it is free-form, Joanne style. :) After I had made the purple scarf, I decided to try a blue one. I wanted to use only knit stitches this time and this is what I ended up with. I have this scarf listed for-sale in my etsy shop, TerrificCreations .

I used different weights of yarns, and different types of yarns. There are cottons, acrylics and wools in this scarf. Each yarn had a different texture. In using different stitches, I also created different textures. I doubled some yarns, sometimes and didn't other times, too.

I also made sure that it was asymmetrical. When I finished, I decided the scarf needed a ruffle.

Several weeks ago, I went to Long Island, New York for a visit. I wanted to show you that not all of New York or Long Island, is New York city. :) I took these pictures with my phone. Yep, this is part of the area where I grew up.
One morning Mom and I went to Panera Bread, purchased our breakfast and coffee. Then we drove to the docks about a mile south of her home. We parked the car, and ate our breakfast, looking at this scene. The day was overcast.

That was one view we had from the car. Here is another. There are actually two bridges here.
One of them you travel across the water to the beach and the other takes you back to Long Island.

Another favorite stop, to make, is Friendly's. I did get to go there and had my favorite ice cream sundae! Unfortunately, Friendly's hasn't made it to Texas.

Here is my Sundae. Hot Fudge and Peanut Butter Sauce over Forbidden Chocolate Ice Cream. Just delightful. :)

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