Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Of My Projects

Housebound, yet again. :) Production continues, so I figured I should start showing some of my projects.

Since it is soooo cold out, I figured the dolls needed some shawls. Here is Felicity in a new pink shawl and matching headband. I sort of improvised this pattern from my Terrific Shoulder Shawl. I actually made two of them, because there are two dolls that need them.

This next photo is of some handspun. It is a 2 ply 100% alpaca yarn. I have 223 yards of this ever so soft yarn. The fiber for this yarn came from my CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) Share of Jacob's Reward Farm. Cindy, the owner of the farm, has asked me to design another pattern for her shareholders. This will be the second pattern, that I have designed, for her shareholders. Now, a new pattern is in the works. I thought that I would use some of my handspun, from the share I received, for knitting up one of the design samples.

SNOW!!! Yes, on top of the ice, which still has not melted, we are receiving snow. It is still snowing at my house, as I type this. The snow is supposed to stop by noon. We'll see. I still love the way snow insulates the noise, makes everything sooo quiet outside and brightens up the inside. Oh, and snow in TX. Notice the Post Oak tree, still has leaves on it. But, it does make a nice contrast to the white and gray, as does the green cedar next to it.

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