Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Plans Gone Awry

A couple of years ago, now, I went to Boerne TX, in order to attend Kid-N-Ewe and Llamas too. It is a fiber festival. I had a great time there, knitting, spinning and shopping. One of the items I bought was this teal fiber, that I spun into the yarn used in this shrug. A couple of years before this, I went to Louisiana to the Cajun Lagniappe fiber festival. Met another group of great spinners and knitters there, too. I purchased the purple fiber, and spun the yarn in this shrug.

As I finished each spinning project, I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

THE PLAN: Then I saw a pattern in Knitter's Magazine for a shrug with sleeves. Not sure that I would have enough yarn for the shrug, I then thought that I could make the shrug using both yarns. Hence the back(below). In the magazine the back is a solid color, but I thought it would be fun to insert mitered squares and a slipped stitch pattern into it.

THE PLAN AWRY: However, the shrug in the pattern had sleeves, a great addition, but I didn't want sleeves. So, I left them off. Now, I am thinking that I need to put them on. The holes for the arms are too big without them. arrrrggg. I really had thought of that part before.

It does look acceptable on, I think. I do have more of the purple. So, I could add some little sleeves. Right now, the shrug sits downstairs in the studio, while I mull it over.

Next project. About 9 months or so ago, I purchased an 18 oz, batt of Romney fiber from my friend, Liz. She gets the Romney wool from a friend who owns the sheep and doesn't want the fiber. (gasp!) So, we willingly help her out.

THE PLAN: Anyway, on Saturday, Feb 12, I went to Farmersville, TX, to a FancyFibers dye day. I thought this was the perfect time to dye this batt. Mary has large tables, so that I could spread it out flat.

I striped the batt with several colors. Green, purple, turquoise and camel were large 6 inch strips. Then for little strips I added gold and fuchsia. Here is the finished batt, top view.

THE PLAN AWRY: If you noticed the camel, which should be next to the turquoise, disappeared, for the most part. AND the fuchsia totally blended in with the turquoise and purple.
Then this is the back of the batt. Totally different than the front. However, I did find a bit of the camel. :)

I did try to have a plan, because the plan was to spin singles and have self striping yarn, like Noro. But, the plan is now swept under the rug, again.
I will still spin this, because I absolutely love the colors and how it looks. But, I am not sure how self-striping it will be. :) I was thinking that I might put the batt back through my drum carder and have a more heathery look. Decisions, decisions.
AND I need two new plans........

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