Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

One day my friend, Laurie, arrived at our spinning group and had some cute Sit-sters dolls. They were sooooo cute! I went home and made some too. The pattern for them is in this book:

Last week, I went over to visit Laurie and we allowed the dolls to meet. I have put faces, and clothing on mine. Here they are all posed for the picture. It was like posing real people, they all wanted to be in the back. :) But, some are sitting on ginger, some on the bananas, and one of mine took off to the carnations, she's a wild thing. One of the fun parts about these dolls, is that there are pipe cleaners, or as currently labeled, chenille stems, inside them. So, you can pose them! You also use the double knitting technique, of using two straight needles to knit a tube. They were fun to make.

So we go back to spinning. Cindy brought in this art yarn that she had spun. Cindy will be teaching a workshop, actually two classes, at the DFW Fiberfest this year. I believe she will be teaching the method of spinning this great yarn to her students.

I have been having fun spinnning art yarn too. I just finished this purple yarn. The darker purple is soft wool and the curly purple is really soft mohair locks. I added a bit of sparkle to the mixture and I did ply it to make it a balanced yarn, for knitting. It is for sale in my etsy shop, here.

Then the sad news. Yesterday, I went out to the car, to do some errands and it wouldn't start. We were thinking battery. But, alas, no. When The UPS Store guy came home and looked under the hood, he was in for a shock, as was I. A little animal had crawled into the engine and chewed up some wires. :\ After The UPS Store guy took the part off, and ran(drove) to the mechanic's he came home and said, "It was a rat. Apparently, this happens down here." Can you imagine?

So, this morning the trusty tow truck showed up and off went Knit Girl(the car), to the car doctor.

After the driver had her up on the road, he then flipped everything around and towed her backwards down to the car doctor.

I received word that she did arrive safely, but now am waiting for word that the operation was successful and is complete. Meaning: I can be out and about again. :)

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