Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wildflower 2011

Last weekend, I had the privilege of travelling to east Texas for my favorite spinning retreat. East Texas is always so pretty, with its tall trees. The campground where we meet, for the retreat, is on a very pretty lake. There are tables and chairs outside, so we can just enjoy the view, when we want to.

This year we learned more about colors and using colors.

On Saturday morning, we played with watercolor paints. We mixed colors and lightened colors and watched what happened as we did so. By using the paints, instead of dyes, the exercise helped to build my confidence in blending the dye colors, that we used, on Sunday morning.

Here is the mohair roving that I dyed. I made the green and purple colors on the roving, by blending the turquoise with yellow(green) and then the red with the blue(purple).

We also played with the Fibonacci color sequencing. Colors and row/stripe numbers were aligned with letters of the alphabet and we were to spell our names. My name, starting with a "J" had 55 wraps of pink. You will notice that on the tongue depressor below. The rest of my first name ends with the orange, so I also did my last name. Funny, one letter of my first name, is still more than the rest of the letters in my first and last name.

However, the point is that the stripes do work with each other. Did you notice that my favorite colors, jewel tones, are not in this. Other peoples names had GREAT jewel tone colors. I had a good laugh over this and decided to continue using the name theme for the weaving project that we started. It is good to branch out to other colors once in a while, isn't it. Step out of my comfort zone. LOL! The project is a little change purse. Someday, it will be finished.

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