Monday, April 11, 2011

Firefighter Sets

So, when you have a new baby and his daddy is an EMT in the local fire department, what should you make for him? Hmmm, well his mom had a great idea. A firefighter outfit. :) So, here is my version of a firefighter outfit. This is a preemie outfit. The suspenders are removable. I asked for his head and waist measurents, as well as, the bottom of his feet. The brim on the back of the hat is longer than the front and the hat does have realistic ribs in it. Here is a newborn size outfit. So, he can grow into it. Should handle about 8 or 9 lbs. I hope!

You know, I took these photo's yesterday and I didn't check the quality. The outfits were shipped today and I cannot retake the pictures. The red is Fire red, the yellow is a bright yellow and the black is black.

And this shot is for perspective.


  1. I am sorry, but I don't make baby items to sell anymore. The laws have become restrictive for the small producer like me to be able to do that. Thanks for asking.