Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Lazy Katy

Several members of our local handspinners' group decided to have a KAL using the Lazy Katy pattern by Birgit Freyer. It is a pretty quick knit. The wrap is knitted assymetrically, and then has a wonderful lace border on the edge.

I am using NORO Kuryeon sock yarn. The pattern is supposed to use between 416 and 437 yards of yarn, which is one ball. I am working it on size 8 US needles.

Here we are about a week after the last picture. I have placed stitch markers on the needle, to help me keep the lace repeats in order.

I made the stitch markers out of a worsted weight yarn, so they are lightweight and big enough so they won't slip under the yarn overs in the lace pattern.

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