Wednesday, November 23, 2011

He's Here! and some projects too.

What joy! A new little life has entered our family. Here he is with his beautiful and happy mom, our daughter. 

Here he is with his handsome and kind dad, our son-in-law.

Here he is with his beautiful and happy aunt, our older daughter.

What fun to have a new little baby around. We are all very excited and so are his cousins, gramma and grampa. Will get some pictures of his open eyes soon.  :)

On the project side. I have made another Queen Anne's Lace scarf.  These are so fun! When done you have a gorgeous piece of lace and it really isn't a hard pattern. Same 3 step repeat over and over. About 200 yards and a J size hook made this one. I used Snowflake yarn from Hobby Lobby.

Don't think I showed you this either. I made this shawl this summer on my trip with our older daughter to NY. I used my Take 2 shawl pattern and my handspun merino yarn to make it. The merino used is called Snapdragon and from Ashland Bay.


  1. Oh, Joanne, you got me all choked up with this one! Congratulations to all of you for this amazing blessing!!!

    Your daughters are beautiful, by the way ;) Sending big hugs and Thanksgiving wishes your way my friend!

  2. Congratulations to everyone. You are blessed with a loving and lovely family.