Saturday, December 26, 2009

A White Christmas! Where????

It all started on Christmas eve! Snow started falling early in the day, but since the day before had been a balmy 70F day, it took a while for it to start sticking. If I understood the news media right, there have been only 5 white Christmases in the Dallas area. The forecast was that it would melt early Christmas morning. Notice in this picture that in the distance you cannot see the end of our driveway, we were having a white out at this time. AND yes, those are leaves still on the tree in December. :)

Christmas moring arrived and I ran to the door. Did it melt, did it melt? Nope. The snow and ice were still there. We truly had a white Christmas at our home. Maybe not a lot of snow, but snow none the less.

And what does one need on a snowy blustery day? But, a new scarf. I received this fabulous hand knitted scarf for Christmas! Made for me by Deborah. I am so blessed to have such great friends. I absolutely love the colors in this scarf. I wore it all day and so far today.

Well, we braved the roads, which weren't too bad, and the further south we went the better they became. Actually, where we went for Christmas dinner, hardly had and snow or ice and it had melted when we arrived. We made it safe and sound. We actually went to extended family's home. Our son-in-law's brother's home. There we met up with our daughters. Here is the photographer/seamstress taking a picture of me, taking a picture of her. Oh, and she is wearing a shrug, that I made for her. I forgot to get a picture of it, before it left for her home, but there it is. I used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. That is a great yarn.

Santa even sent a helper to distribute the gifts. How about that? She did a great job too.

Now if you remember the movie White Christmas, there was a song in there called Sisters. It starts out with, "Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...." Well, here they are, the sisters. Both of our girls together in one photo. I had a funnier picture with bows on their heads, and then I heard, Anna say to Rebekah, "You know that is going to end up on her blog, if we don't pose nice." So, they posed nicely for your viewing pleasure.


  1. What a wonderful gift from the sky--snow on Christmas!
    I'm happy you like the scarf. The colors are so you!
    I used to call up my sister, Tishie, and we'd sing the sister song over the phone every Christmas.

  2. Very nice! You guys had much more of the white stuff than we had. Love the shrug, too! Where is the pattern??

  3. It's great that our American cousins got our lovely gift of snow. We didn't have any Christmas day, which was good for travelers. Christmas feels much Christmasier with snow, don't you know :o) (from Canada, with love, Merry Christmas!)

  4. The shrug is actually not my design. I have recently found a pattern very similar to it on Ravelry and she tells you how to make it for your size. This one I used is a "one size fits all." I am happy to now have the one for other sizes.

  5. great pictures :) the one of Anna & I did turn out nicely!