Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Down With The Old and Up With The New

So, imagine. It is about 3 a.m, and pa and ma are tucked in their bed, he with his hat and me with my bonnet(or whatever). So sound asleep, that neary a word is heard. When what do we hear and see in our sleep? Not Santa, not reindeer, nope, but a quick flash and a bang, right in our room.

We wake with a start and ma grabs for her glow in the dark flash light, which tumbles to the floor and under the bed, retreiving it, they comment on what in the world was that flash and bang. It isn't storming and it isn't raining..... On goes the flash light and they see the fan over their bed has stopped.

Aack, what caused that? Pa pulls on the string and it is dead. Ma tries the light string and the light works. Of course, pa didn't appreciate the bright lights in his face, but he recovered. :)

Pa says the fan is dead. He feels the fan, it is cool, and says we'll deal with it in the morning. Ma is agast, "What, the morning??? It is the morning????? What if it is a fire, what if... what if..... " Pa shakes his head, touches the fan and mumbles something about the armberture(which mom doesn't even know how to spell, much less what it means). He lays down and falls back to sleep.

Ma is wide eyed and lays staring into the black night.

Can you relate? Basically, the motor on the ceiling fan seized.

When day time arrived, Pa and Ma went off to Lowe's, the friendly hardware store. They purchased a new fan and a remote. Ma was told she can control this remote! She actually can control a remote!!!!! Not the TV remote, but a remote all the same. LOL!

So, on Labor Day, my wonderful husband labored not only with some "honey do projects," but he took down the dead fan and put up a new fan. Isn't he nice????? I think so and to think, I have control of the remote........

The old dead fan.

The new fan.

KNITTING! This is the Chill-Chaser Shawl. This is the pattern that I have had a bear of a time designing. But, in the end it is done and what a fun pattern it is. The pattern uses either sock yarn or worsted to bulky yarn. Directions are given for both.

You knit it sideways and then pick up for the ruffle. You can use different colors or the same colors, but I recommend, using the same weight yarn for the shawl and the ruffle. I tried it with the different weights and ripped that one out.

This one is a worsted weight cotton.

This one is black mohair, which is labeled bulky. I purchased the black mohair yarn in La Samaritaine, a large department store in Paris, France. I have started purchasing yarn as my souveniers, when I travel places. The teal was some mohair, that I purchased from Cindy at Jacob's Reward Farm, as ecru, and dyed it for the ruffle.

The nature of this shawl, is that it can be used as a scarf if needed, but when you get to where you are going, if you are chilly, use it as a shawl. OR, use it in the summer when you are going to an air conditioned building to chase away the chill. :)

The blue and purple shawl was made from my handspun yarn, a finer yarn, like sport weight. It is gathered together, then wrapped around the neck and the ends pulled through the loop.

The teal and gray one was made by Mary at Fancy Fibers Farm. She used her worsted to bulky weight handspun. The fiber she used to spin the grayer portion is sari-silk, which she sells. She blended it with the teal as she spun.

The pattern, Chill-Chaser, can be found on my etsy site. Terrific Creations .

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