Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're Ready and Dyeing

Tad and Anna(our younger daughter) are expecting their first baby. We are all excited, and today is the day for a shower!  Over the last few weeks, many family members around the country have been shopping and shipping.  Gradually, the gifts have arrived at our home. I spent some time this morning, assembling them into their wrappings. It is soooo easy, now-a-days, to send a gift.  Just put a gift bag and tissue paper in the box and when it arrives, someone can assemble it all for you.  So, this morning I did that.  I assembled and made bows and organized all the gifts, I had the best time. Truly.  :)  

I truly feel so blessed right now.  As I finished and assembled the gifts in one place, I thought, "I have the best family ever!"  Thanks, family!! 

In my last blog post, I showed you my jars full of fiber and dye.  They were sitting outside in our extreme heat and sunshine. It was a successful project, and to think I did it with the sun and no electricity, is even better.

Here are my finished fibers, except one.

One of the dyes said "purple." It came out magenta.  The small pink fiber above is the color it turned out.  So, the wool roving that shared the dye jar with the above mohair curls, is now back in the jar with some teal dye added.  Looks like it will be a gorgeous purple, which is what I was after. 

The funny thing and it is really funny.  The jar is in the house, not out in the sun. Because we are getting rain and it is cloudy. I am not going to complain, one bit, because we have had a tiny break of the 100+ temperatures, as well as, we having some much needed rain.

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