Sunday, November 14, 2010

A New Scarf

So, last Sunday, November 7, I wanted to make something really different. I wanted to make a different scarf. I had been reading about freeform crochet and knitting. I have been working on my color skills, too. So, I went to the boxes and found all the purple yarns, that I had in them. All sizes, shapes and weights. All shades, lights, mediums and darks. Purple can be a bit difficult to match up, but I wasn't really wanting to match, but I didn't want to hurt eyes either.

I started crocheting and then added knitting and went back to crochet. On and on it went. I worked all week(off and on) on this scarf and it is now done.

I really liked working in this medium and will probably make some more. AND I didn't even use up all my purples....... :)

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