Friday, November 5, 2010

November already?????

The middle to end of October ended up being my travelling time. The UPS Store guy and I celebrated our 37th anniversary! We took a weekend and went to San Antonio. This is a scene of a plaza in the downtown area. As the crow flies it is probably about 1/2 mile, maybe a bit more, to the Alamo. Here on this plaza was a battle, the one before the Americans went into the Alamo.
It makes you think and remember the sacrifices given by not only our ancestors, but all through our history and even now, for our freedom.

After San Antonio, I went to NY to see my mom. I had a great trip and visit with her!
A few weeks ago, I had sold, on etsy, the light and fluffy yarn, pictured below.

Here is what my customer did with it! I think that the scarf she made is absolutely gorgeous!

While traveling, I had a great knitting project with me. I used my handspun yarn and knitted a shawl/mobius, for one of my spinning and knitting friends. This yarn is a blend of Corriedale and Alpaca. I took other projects with me too. I probably took a year's worth of knitting with me. Good thing Southwest Airlines, loves luggage and bags. :)

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