Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spinning and Soccer

Wow! I spent a lot of time, this week, spinning this White Ice Yarn. I used Corriedale wool roving and mohair roving while adding some wonderful silver sparkle to make this wonderfully fluffy yarn. It was fun to do and was a custom order for a customer on etsy.

I, also, wanted to show you my Koffee Koats. They are for using when you purchase a cup of coffee. You don't have to use the cardboard cozy offered in the coffee shop. You can use a handmade one, reusable one. The more I work on these, the more I love them. The one pictured has sold, though. I use felted sweaters to sew some of the cozies and then knit others. Not only does the wool cozy protect your fingers from the heat of your tea or coffee, it helps to insulate your drink and keep it warmer just a bit longer.

THEN, last but not least, by any means. I went to see our younger granddaughter play soccer last Saturday. She has had a great time playing soccer this fall and I am told will be back at it in the spring. I hope to make it to more games in the spring. She is a good player. The day was chilly and she is the girl with the black pants on over her pink shin guards and she is in a pink shirt, not the yellow.

Reminder to self: Don't park where those cars are. The soccer balls are known to, and have been seen, flying over the goal posts and banging into the cars. It is better to walk a bit from the parking lot. :)

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