Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday, Pattern, Sunset

It is fun to celebrate birthdays and today we celebrated mine and our older daughter, Rebekah's. We had a great time! The server was a bit confused. She saw the packages and new there was a birthday. She watched to see WHO was opening the gifts, but two of us started opening gifts! LOL! So, she brought a tiny little sundae and asked who's birthday it was and found out, both! We shared our little sundae and then had a few bites of our cheesecake, boxing the rest up to go home.

New pattern!! I have finished another pattern. This pattern is called Hugs and Huglette. It is for sale on Ravelry, right now. You will find it with my user name TerrificFibers, if you are interested.
Huglette is the scarf and I used a worsted weight yarn for it. In particular I used Brown Sheep Lana Loft. What a wonderfully soft wool! The purple is actually a gorgeous jewel tone, but I wanted to show the pattern stitches, so I lightened the photo.

This is the Hug. The directions also call for worsted weight yarn. I used some wool/alpaca handspun that I had sitting in my stash. What a great yarn that was to use! Knit flat and then, after a half twist is put in it, the two short ends are sewn together and it becomes a mobius.

We don't get much in the way of fall colors down here. BUT, we get fantastic skies. This is the sunset from Friday night, January 21, 2011. Don't you just love it??

Here is a picture with the phone turned sideways, to capture more of the horizon. Nothing is on fire, except the sun, in this picture.

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