Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Snow and the Resident Hawk

On Sunday, January 9, we had some snow and ice. Then the temperatures dropped and today, Tuesday, we STILL had snow on the ground and on the trees.

I wanted to do some errands today. I bundled in my winter coat, a nice handknitted scarf and warm felted wool mittens and out the door I went. I was in the car and started it up and saw it.
The hawk, just sitting regally in the tree above the car. I rolled down the window and used my phone to capture this photo.

I wondered if it would get spooked if I moved the car closer and thought, why not. So, I put the car in drive and slowly moved the car. The hawk just sat there looking at me and then decided that the big metal box wasn't going to hurt it. :)

Took another picture.

Then moved a bit closer and got this one.

Here is one of my knitting projects. I am trying to make myself a shrug. I am using my handspun yarn and didn't have enough of either color to make the shrug. So, I am trying to use both yarns. The back is finished and I have picked up the stitches to go around.

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