Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Canton or bust and a new product.

Early Saturday morning, actually 6:40am, I arrived at Rebekah's home and we loaded her van with our food, our carts, the kids and the dog. The girls were half asleep. But, they are good sports and were anxious to go themselves, if you can believe it. We did have to stop for gas, but then we started our 2 hour drive across Dallas into east Texas to Canton. We were headed east to Canton to shop at the First Monday Trade Days, known as the world's largest outdoor trade days(flea market).
Actually, First Mondays is held the weekend before the first Monday of every month. It starts on that Thursday and runs through Sunday. No, it doesn't take place on Monday. (I don't get it either) :)
We arrived as the vendors were opening their booths, but there
were already people shopping. Our trick, is to take a list, so we don't get side tracked too much. We sort of know what we are looking for and help each other keep and eye out for it. This time the girls had ideas in their minds for things that their money would buy too. Their grandfather laughingly says that we are training them well. Nicole made her first shopping trip to Canton when she was about 4 months old.
We stayed later this time, because we found a part of the trade days that we had never seen before! Can you imagine that? Then after we looked around it dawned on us, that we weren't sure how to get back to the car.
We had lost our sight point. So, off in search of a map and then
after we found the map, we had to figure out which way we were
facing. You know, north, south blah, blah. We did find the car and had it loaded with our wonderful purchases and we were on our way home. No, I didn't get our bedraggled pics of when we were leaving. Just imagine everyone, still smiling, sweaty and tired. :)

The new product I have is an Ashford Competition Lazy Kate. It is a great product. The regular size Ashford Bobbins fit on it, as do
the bulky size bobbins. There are little rubber feet on the bottom

and it has a tensioning band to help control the yarn as it comes off the bobbin in the plying process.
On the bobbin is my handspun yarn. It is made from some roving that I dyed in February.

You can find the Ashford Competition Lazy Kate, on my etsy site, TerrificCreations .


  1. This all gives me the idea that you obtained your new Lazy Kate at Canton, but I must be mistaken...You're alot braver than I am, taking 2 girls there in June!! That is beautifun yarn, Joanne.

  2. Nooo.... I didn't get the Lazy Kate in Canton. :) I received it from my distributor, and have it listed for sale in my etsy shop.

  3. Cool! Will you do another sheep to shawl?

  4. Hahaha! I am not planning on another sheep to shawl. Are you??