Friday, June 26, 2009

Lacey White Cotton Gloves

I have been busy knitting and writing patterns this week. I have just finished this pair of fingerless gloves and listed them on my etsy site.
I also have my pattern for them listed there too.
I have such a great husband in the UPS guy. I was able to get him to take the picture of my hands against the wall. I tried taking a picture of my hands without him, but his pics were better. Thank
You, Jeff.
Did I get you curious about the new patterns? Well, they will be out soon. Hopefully..... I am trying to make them as perfect as humanly possible, before they are released. :) Be watching for them though, just don't hold your breath. I want you alive when I publish them. ;o)
OH, and now back to the She-Knits mystery bag or I am going to be behind. aaaacccckkk.


  1. Joanne, these are really pretty! You are a great designer and have great variety in what you offer. Glad you could get Jeff to help with the photos. I like that one much better than the other one. ;-)

  2. Love the white gloves. Nice photo, Jeff! I'm finished with part 2 of the KAL. Switched one of my colors from green to red. I like it better. I'm naming my own bag, how about you?

  3. Guess I should name the bag, that is a good idea! I have started part two!