Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Different Things

We have a new greatnephew! He was born to my niece and her husband, about 2 weeks ago. I was behind in getting this sweater done, but then he was a little early. I have knitted a 12 month size sweater, hoping it will fit this winter. I used a cotton yarn, that is soooo soft. My niece and her family live outside Phoenix, AZ, so cotton, even for the winter, is a must. The design is my original design.

Well, last week I was writing about where the air conditioner went. We did find it, however, it doesn't work. Won't ever work again. :( The culprit, other than the straight line winds at like 80mph and driving rain, was the roof of the awning located over the front of our store. The winds ripped it off and it smashed into the air conditioning unit. In the pictures you can see where it used to be. We are actually feeling fortunate that we do still have a store. And when do we expect to have the air conditioning back? That should be happening as I type this blog. Yippeeeeee!!!! I sure hope so, it has been dreadfully hot, with no air conditioning inside the store. We have fans and a portable air conditioner, but the freezer of the pizza restaurant next store has been a nice refuge for all.

On Tuesday, as I was doing the dishes, I looked out the window and look what I saw! We have been hearing this guy and seeing him flying around. Jeff even saw him pick up some prey. I wondered if I would ever get to see him up close. It was truly fascinating. I took these through my kitchen window. We believe it is a Red-shouldered Hawk. If I am wrong about that let me know. Thanks!

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  1. The little sweater is adorable! It would also look great as an adult sweater. The bird photos are great!