Monday, June 22, 2009

She-Knits Mystery Bag, First Clue

Friday was an exciting day! I was able to download the
first clue for the She-Knits Mystery Knit-along. I was ready, I had my yarn wound in balls and waiting. Actually, we had been waiting for several weeks. But, that is OK, it was good to know I was ready.
On Friday evening, I turned on the computer and went out to Ravelry. I downloaded the first clue and printed it out. I read it through and read it through. I understood it, it looked like it was easy knitting at first. Good,
I should be able to work this out this weekend. And that is what I did. Last night, Sunday night, I looked at my knitting and then looked at the directions for the last portion of the first clue and I had made a BIG error. No, no, no, no....................... So, I put it aside to feel sorry for myself for a while. You see, I had misinterpreted one little line. Actually, being distracted by the new DVD's that I bought the UPS guy for Fathers' Day, Get Smart(the TV show), I didn't read two little words. IN STOCKINETTE STITCH. Oh, I guess it is three little words.
So, this morning, I have ripped out my beginnings of a bag and the bottom picture is what I have to show for myself. I will conquer this and I will post my progress again.
We will be receiving several clues over the next few weeks, so the bag, will not be done this week. At the rate I am going, that is a good thing. It will take me a week to do the first step!!! :)


  1. You're pretty funny girlfriend! It's too bad we knitters can't get some sort of extra credit for stitches we have to do twice!

  2. You and the Yarn Harlot, Joanne - I'd say that's pretty good company! ;-)

  3. Hey, I still only have the back done for the sweater I started for myself in March - even after riding in the car with it for about 40 hours to & from Florida!! Celebrate every row done right, I say :D

  4. Good one, my friend! Are you knitting it Portuguese??

  5. Nooo, I am not knitting it in the Portuguese style. :) Using continental. Still need to practice on that Portuguese way.