Saturday, June 6, 2009

EtsyKnitters Team Wedding Challenge

I am a member of the EtsyKnitters Team. It is a great team and everyone on there is very encouraging to each other. We are currently doing a wedding challenge, since it is the month of June.
We are focusing on items in our shops that can be used in or for a wedding couple. Even small gifts that can be given to a bride or groom, or by the bride and groom to others, to commemorate their day. The blue picture of the bride was made for us to put in our listings that we have included in the challenge. If you would like to see the entries for our challenge, that are for sale, you can go to etsy. Then, in the search box, choose to search by tags. Then in the other box type in "ido2009" (without the quotes).

I have serveral items in the challenge. One item is the bamboo shawl below. It is the shorter version of my Take 2 Shawl pattern. The bamboo fiber was handspun by me and then I handknitted the shawl, using my own pattern. I have also listed the pattern for this shawl for sale as part of the IDo2009 challenge. I wrote the pattern so you can knit either of the two lengths of shawls that you see here.


  1. Really gorgeous - both of them. They look like they would take years to knit! Please tell me it's not THAT hard!

  2. No,it's not that hard. :) Doesn't take years to knit.