Friday, June 12, 2009

Painting and What Air Conditioner???

I have started painting furniture, again. Actually, these two pieces are finished and back in the living room. The room is a pretty dark room, because of the color of the paneling on the walls. The carpet, which will be replaced someday, is dark too. These tables were purchased in the 1980's and were two different dark colored woods. So, in the interest of trying to look like a set, I painted them white. Honestly, I don't think these little pieces have helped to lighten the room, but it is a start and they look nice that way.

We found the air conditioner at the store. It was still up on the roof, sort of where it was supposed to be. BUT, the glass awning in front of the store had been blown up there, in hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces. The glass shards and wind apparently did in the air conditioner. A new one is on order, and it will be about 5 days until it is in. Of course, this is June, this is Texas and it is in the 90's! We have fans hooked up(and turned on), the guys are wearing lei's to help you feel like you are entering the tropics and they are also wearing shorts. Nothing like a tropical paradise!

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  1. Isn't white a good choice for those little tables? I like how my pieces turned out. The muffins sound good. I'll probably make them with all the bells and whistles!